The 2022 DJ Expo...What did I Buy and What Did I Learn!

Hey Everyone!


Thanks so much for checking in.  I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying these Summer Months.  

So I just returned from the '22 DJ Expo in Atlantic City.  For those of you who don't know what this is let me tell you.  It's basically an informative event with Seminars, Demos etc. but also an Expo room that has all the latest gear, lights and everything imaginable you could ever want or need as a DJ.

So first, the fun stuff...What new toys did I buy?  Well for the first time ever...NOT A THING!  I actually was close to pulling the trigger on a few items but overall I don't really NEEEEEED anything.  Not to say there wasn't a lot of pretty cool items there.  Those of you who follow me(make sure to do so on all socials @gatsby808) or have been to one of my events know that I usually keep my gear and ideas up with the trends and try to be as much of a trend setter as possible.  What did I see that I thought was pretty cool though...Well I got to watch a ton of very talented DJ's playing during the expo and it's always inspiring to see them and see what they do and what their process is and how they think.  

The other part of the Expo and probably my favorite is the Seminars.  I'm a huge Nerd when it comes to DJ'ing.  Whether its perfecting a scratch routine or figuring out songs that blend together I'm always working on my craft.  The Seminars though are helpful in not only giving me new ideas on how to run my business, but also different avenues I may be interested in going down since as of the time of this writing I'm primarily a Wedding DJ here in Pennsylvania.

After being at the expo for 3 days I'm motivated to get back into live streaming.  Not just my shows but my process as well.  I think a lot of other DJ's and people in general are curious how I do what I do, why I do it the way I do it and maybe can learn a thing or two from me along the way.  So keep on the lookout for those live shows on IG as well as maybe posting some Gig Logs to Youtube to show extended versions of how it all plays out.

I also got to spend 3 days with my lovely sidekick (and wife) Dominique.  It was great being able to get out and walk the boardwalk and go to some places to eat that we don't normally get to go.

Overall a great experience, I met a lot of great people who I can't wait to talk with more and who knows maybe next year I'll be up on that stage playing or presenting!

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