My First Gig Log & Reflecting on this Past Weekend

Hello Everyone!

Thanks for checking out my latest blog, I do appreciate it!  For those of you who are checking in for the first time I am Jared "DJ Gatsby" and the owner of Gatsby Sound & Lighting.  I'm primarily a Wedding DJ in Pennsylvania but also you can find me rocking a club from time to time and doing other Private & Corporate events.

So to kick off this weeks blog, I wanted to tell you about my first Gig Log which is about a 3:30 minute video on YouTube that you can check out below:

This is my first one so I'm sure that as I get better with filming, camera placement, editing they will get better.  The goal is to give you all a little behind the scenes look at what goes into setting up for a Wedding or other event.  We also did uplighting here which you can see we programmed to turn into a light show once the dancing started and it turned out great!  

We had an absolute blast celebrating with The Gerlach's at Herman & Luthers.  It's a spectacular barn venue and the food NEVER disappoints.

I also had the opportunity on Sunday to DJ the first Scranton Unity Festival.  It was a great time for folks to come out and listen to different types of music and try different types of food.  There were over 700 tickets sold so I got to play for a LOT of people and really enjoyed it.


That sums it up for this past weekend, we have some exciting things going next weekend so make sure to check back and see how it all went!





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