Top 5 Things to Look For When Choosing a Wedding DJ...

When it comes to your Wedding Day, arguably one of the most important days of your life, you want it to be memorable to you and your guests.  Imagine talking to friends five years from now and them remembering what a great time they had at your wedding and how great the party was, in great to picking the right entertainment!

Here are 5 things to consider when picking a DJ:


1.  Reputation & Reviews...

Is this DJ someone that you have seen perform at other Weddings or Events?  If you go on their website or onto popular Wedding Sites such as The Knot & Wedding Wire, what type of reviews do they have.  Specifically are they recent or has nothing been posted in 6 months to a year.  

2.  How are they as an MC?

While in my opinion you don't want someone who is on the Mic all night talking over the songs, you do want someone with a presence who can "command the room" if you will.  Sometimes helping to keep the night moving smoothly and making all the right announcements at the right times is just as important as making the introductions.

3.  Song Transitions...

I would say this is something that couples are becoming more and more in tune to. How does the DJ move from song to song, and does it make sense!  Is it a smooth blend, or are they just slamming songs together haphazardly.  I could talk for hours on this but it is a conversation to have with your DJ for sure!

4.  Are they Professional...

By this I'm talking about a few things.  When you talk to them via phone or email, are they well spoken, do they respond in a timely manner.  Do they dress appropriately for the occasion.  Do they have an outline or know how the night should be run and try to stick to that to make sure all runs smoothly.

5.  Setup...

So I could go on and on here but when it comes to weddings what the DJ's setup and equipment is and looks like matters.  Are they using wireless mics for toasts so the people aren't walking around looking like Bob Barker from an 80's episode of The Price is Right.  How is their cable management.  Are cables concealed as best as possible or can you see them running from the back of their mixer and all over the place.  Do they take into account the size and acoustics of the room they will be working to make sure they have the proper equipment for that venue.


I probably could name another 20 but I will stop there as these are some of the top things you should consider when looking for a Wedding DJ.  A lot of these answers can be found by doing some social media stalking and seeing what some of their past events have been like.  


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